Your real estate trip and how to organize it correctly?

Your real estate trip and how to organize it correctly? As a rule, 2-3 meetings in the office and working by e-mail are enough to understand all the details and solve all the issues. Once you have selected 5-6, of the many options offered to you by the Manager, you can start planning a trip for real estate.

When planning a trip you need to consider several important points:


The duration of the trip must be at least 4-5 business days.

This is due to the fact that displays of real estate options are only possible on business days. Montenegrins are very sensitive to rest and reluctantly agree to work during Siesta hours or on weekends. You also need to take into account that after you have already chosen your home, you need another 1-2 business days to visit the Bank and the notary.

Before your trip, be sure to ask our Manager if there are any local holidays on the days of your trip.

We do not recommend taking children on this trip. As a rule, object visiting and checking takes several days from 10 am to evening. A whole day spent in the car and in a difficult search is not enough comfortable for kids or older children. Visits to various institutions don’t make situation better or more comfortable.

The most inconvenient time to travel for real estate is the summer months. The fact is that very often apartments and houses put up by the owners for sale are rented out to vacationers for the summer months. It is not always possible to display such items before the end of the lease term. And the cost of a trip in the summer months is much more expensive. Seasonal increases in prices for flights, hotels, or rental housing significantly increase the trip budget. And, of course, on hot days it is very difficult to drive around the objects. Although all our cars are very comfortable and equipped with air conditioning, the hot, summer sun, in Montenegro makes the process difficult.

We recommend that you take comfortable shoes with you, as a few days spent on your feet are almost guaranteed.

We will try to make your real-estate trip comfortable and interesting as much as it possible. If you make your choice of accommodation very quickly (sometimes it happens in one day), we will try to fill the remaining time with exciting trips and excursions. We will advise you where to spend your shopping. And the bouquet of restaurants that we can recommend will not leave you indifferent.

We will meet you at the airport and take you to your pre-selected hotel or apartment. All days of tour, our car with driver is at your service. We will help you with everything related to finding a home and making a purchase. At the end of your visit, we will take you to the airport. Our managers in will help you collect and correctly execute documents for obtaining a mortgage or final purchase.

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