Montenegro: The New Investment Hotspot for Turks (Karadağ)

Montenegro: The New Investment Hotspot for Turks (Karadağ)

Montenegro: The New Investment Hotspot for Turks (Karadağ)-News


Move over, traditional European hotspots! Montenegro, also known as Karadağ in Turkish, is emerging as a new favorite destination for Turkish citizens. This Balkan gem is witnessing a surge in Turkish interest, not just for tourism, but also for property purchases and business ventures. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this exciting trend.

Investment Boom:

  • Real Estate: News reports indicate a significant rise in Turkish property purchases in Montenegro. Data from Total Montenegro News highlights a six-fold increase in companies founded by Turkish citizens in 2017 compared to 2015. This suggests a growing interest in owning a piece of Montenegrin paradise.
  • Business Opportunities: The Montenegrin Ministry of Education reports a substantial increase in requests for diploma certification from Turkish citizens in recent months. This signifies a potential influx of Turkish entrepreneurs seeking to establish businesses in Montenegro (

Behind the Rise, Montenegro: The New Investment Hotspot for Turks (Karadağ):

  • Favorable Conditions: Visa-free travel for Turkish citizens and geographical proximity with direct flights from major Turkish cities make Montenegro an easily accessible option.
  • Economical Appeal: Compared to other European destinations, Montenegro boasts a lower cost of living and a growing economy, making it attractive for business ventures and property investments.
  • Cultural Connection: Historical ties and a shared emphasis on hospitality create a welcoming environment for Turkish visitors and residents.

Tourism Still Thriving:

While the focus here is on investment and business, tourism remains a significant factor. Although specific numbers are difficult to pinpoint, news outlets like DW highlight an increasing number of Turkish tourists drawn to Montenegro’s breathtaking scenery and cultural experiences.

Montenegro: The New Investment Hotspot for Turks (Karadağ)-Conclusion:

Montenegro, or Karadağ, is rapidly becoming a sought-after destination for Turkish citizens. Fueled by favorable conditions, economic appeal, and a cultural connection, this trend is likely to continue. Whether seeking a holiday haven, a business opportunity, or a permanent home, Montenegro offers a compelling proposition for Turkish individuals seeking a slice of European charm in the Balkans.

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