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Economic citizenship Montenegro News: Two days ago, the Montenegrin government accepted to include the project of building a condo hotel “Liko Soho” in Bar on the list of development projects. Project is in the field of tourism, on the basis of which investors can be granted Montenegrin citizenship, Vijesti writes.

As stated in the explanation, it is about the construction of a hotel that will have 5 stars with 322 accommodation units. Estimated value is 58 million.

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“The intention of the investor is to create 300 new jobs within the hotel with a condo business model. The construction of the hotel is expected to be completed on August 1, 2026. The hotel will receive its first guests in the first quarter of the same year. The investor plans to sell all 322 accommodation units, and the average price per accommodation unit is 521,000 euros. The internal rate of return is 62%, and the payback period is 6 to 7 years “, it is stated in the explanation.

According to the decision of the former government, the right to citizenship can be obtained by an investor who invests at least 450 thousand euros in a development project in the southern region. In this case everyone who buys an apartment in excess of this figure meets the conditions, reports Vijesti and writes Mondo. Information source.

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